Babies & Toddlers | Tiggers Daily Routine

Our babies and toddlers have 3 rooms on the ground floor:

PIGLETS – Young babies
TIGGER’S TOTS – Older babies/ Toddlers

In addition to their own spacious and well equipped playrooms, we have provided the babies with a separate sleep room. Each baby has their own full size wooden cot as we believe it is essential that they sleep somewhere quiet as they would do at home.

When babies start nursery an individual routine is planned in conjunction with parents to ensure the transition from home to nursery is as smooth as possible. A daily record book which is sent home every day ensures that parents are kept informed about feeds, nappy changes, sleep patterns and activities. Parents are required to provide disposable nappies and bottles of formula milk.

Staff in the baby/toddler rooms work hard to make sure their days are filled with fun and laughter by lots of one-to-one interaction, exploring interesting toys, bouncing and singing. When the babies are ready, planned activities enable them to fulfil active and enjoyable days learning new things all the time.